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Proactive. Preventive. Protective.

Our Approach

Advanced Protection
for Increasing Threats

JPT Security - It's Like Having Your Own Personal Police Force

The unabated growth in crime has resulted in police forces being unable to prevent, protect, or respond to incidents fast enough. High profile executives and individuals are increasingly at risk of being victimized when they are out and about or in their homes. Living in a gated community no longer affords the protection it once did.

For this reason, JPT security exists. We use our comprehensive approach of combining elite agents with modern technology to protect executives, their families, and high value neighborhoods that have become prime targets for criminals.

Our clients have access to elite agents that can protect them 24/7 while at work, in their homes, and when they are out and about. JPT Security is uniquely suited to respond to these needs through our industry veterans’ decades of experience, elite personnel, and use of technology that enables us to predict, prevent, protect, and remove threats – faster and better than the police can.

What Makes JPT Security

Two Protection Security Agents Escorting Senior Executive to Waiting Car Outside Office Building

Our Focus

At JPT Security we are singularly focused on protecting high-target individuals, communities, and corporations from known and growing threats. This focus allows us to maintain a superior level of protection – a distinct advantage for our clients.

Elite Agents

Our clients expect the best so that is what we offer. Our agents are hand-selected based on their proven superior performance in personal protection, firearms handling, and hand-to-hand combat as former police officers, corrections officers, members of the military, DOJ officers, and elite security forces. Our vetting process includes extensive background checks, referrals, physical fitness requirements, and high standards of moral conduct.

Ongoing training and certification keeps our agents highly skilled and prepared for action.

Elite Executive and private protection Security Agent communicating through earpiece
Two Security Agents in Security Operations Center Viewing Surveillance Monitors

Security Operations Center

Surveillance cameras are tied into our Security Operations Center where our 24/7 analysts monitor for suspicious threat activity. Our capabilities include:

  • facial recognition and identification
  • vehicle license plate recognition
  • identifying potential threats based on suspicious patterns of behavior

Our SOC technology allows us to identify and respond to potential threats much faster – often before our clients are aware there is a problem.

Armored Vehicles

Our luxury fleet of BMW vehicles includes optional armored cars providing peace of mind in an environment where carjackings and random roadside and highway shootings are occurring with increasing frequency. Travel in comfort knowing that you can safely travel from point A to point B.

Interior of BMW vehicle showing driver and steering wheel
Security Agent Talking to Executive Client About Protection Services

Customizable Protection Plans

Our protection plans provide full flexibility to customize a protection plan that fits your threat level and lifestyle needs. Need an escort to and from work? Need the children escorted to and from school and security detail while walking the dog or jogging in the neighborhood at night? We’ll help define the protection you need for your family, your property, your neighborhood, or your business

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