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The World is Rapidly Changing

Two Security Agents in Office Building Lobby Waiting for Executive Protection Services Client

JPT Security was founded to fill the gaps in safety and security for executives and their families who can no longer solely rely on first responders or traditional security services.

Growing threats including burglary and home invasion, carjacking, kidnapping and ransom, and civil unrests, require a new approach to protection for high-net-worth individuals. JPT Security’s experienced elite agents, tech-forward approach to protection, armored vehicles, and high moral conduct are the answer.

High Risk Protection Services

Our protection services are not the norm. We provide security and protection in high-risk environments so that you can confidently go about your business and your life.

Executive Protection

Armed protection and armored transportation for executives, board members, and other influential staff
Executive protection

Private Protection

Residential and out-and-about daily protection for you and your loved ones
Private protection

Community Protection

Preventative and responsive security for high-value residential gated and non-gated communities
Community protection

Corporate Security

Event security detail for VIPs and high-tech swipe and biometric facility access control systems
Corporate security

What Makes
JPT Security Elite?

We're Discreet

You need to go about your life – JPT Security is there to make sure you can. Our teams are capable of blending in where needed or standing out when the situation dictates.

Personalized Security

Everyone’s situation is unique. We offer personalized threat assessments and craft a tailored solution that offers the security you need with the response level that can counter any threat.

C-Level Business Executive and Security Agent Discussing Security Protection Plan
Two Protection Security Agents Escorting Senior Executive to Waiting Car Outside Office Building

Elite Agents

We only hire the best. JPT Security’s team of elite agents is made up of career-experienced, high value agents that are experts in spotting, avoiding, and subduing threats, firearm handling, and hand-to-hand combat. 

Armored Vehicles

We’ve spared no expense for your safety. Our fleet of 25 vehicles includes BMW SUVs and sedans – some armored and all equipped with Wi-Fi, safety and medical equipment, and other unexpected conveniences.  

Elite Protection Agent Opening Rear Car Door for Executive Passenger
JPT Security Agents Pointing at Surveillance Video and Talking to Each Other in SOC

Cutting-Edge Technology

We’re there before you know you need us. Your customized security plan includes proactive video surveillance from our 24/7 Security Operations Center with facial, license plate, and intruder recognition threat capabilities.

Who We Serve

Our clients are seeking elite agents that can protect them, 24/7, while at work, in their homes, and when they are out and about.

JPT Security is uniquely suited to respond to these needs through our industry veterans’ decades of experience, elite agents, and use of technology that enables us to predict, prevent, protect, and remove threats – faster and better than the police can.

Request a Confidential
Threat Assessment