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Elite Agents for Superior Security & Protection

Our Agents

Commitment to Our Clients

In an uncertain world, we are dedicated to instilling hope and confidence in those who entrust their safety to us. We pledge to hold ourselves to the highest standards and demonstrate unwavering dedication to our clients, providing them with the peace of mind they deserve.

All of our elite agents exhibit and undergo:

Elite Backgrounds

We only allow the best agents to join our team. Our agents have superior experience, stellar credentials, and proven protection skills. Sourced from prior backgrounds in law enforcement, military, DOJ, and special security forces, our agents are uniquely driven to ensure your personal protection.

Extreme Professionalism

All agents are of a high moral character and agree to a strict code of conduct requiring unwavering discretion and trustworthiness in support of our elite clients.

Thorough Background Checks

All of our elite agents complete rigorous background checks including fingerprinting, DOJ, and FBI checks. Any past crimes or other red flags disqualify prospective agents. Agents also undergo physical exams to ensure that they are fit to serve in a protective capacity and must maintain physical fitness requirements.
elite agent standing next to security vehicle waiting for executive protection client

Elite Agents

Special Skills

All agents are highly skilled and credentialed in firearm handling, hand-to-hand combat,  proximity awareness, and first aid. Our drivers are specially trained in spotting threats and evasive vehicle maneuvers. Ongoing training ensures the continual honing of skills and education on the latest security methodologies, including cutting-edge technology.

By investing in the ongoing professional development of our team, we ensure that our service remains unparalleled and that our clients receive the highest level of service.

Our agents are skilled in the following:

  • Surveillance
  • Threat identification
  • Threat prevention
  • Threat removal
  • Apprehensions & arrests
  • Crisis management
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Evasive driving
  • Proximity awareness
  • Risk mitigation planning
  • Situation de-escalation
  • Firearms handling
  • Hand-to-hand combat

The skills and experience of our elite agents help our clients
experience the freedom that comes with security.

Tony Ramirez

Founder & Chief Security Officer

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