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Restore Peace and Security in Your Home and Community

Community Protection Services

Elite Protection
Security for Communities

Is your neighborhood experiencing unusual levels of crime? High value homes and neighborhoods are intentionally targeted and gated communities are no longer immune. Protecting high value communities requires more than just a gate attendee and occasional patrolling.

Our exclusive community protection offers:

Community Coverage

Choose from 8-hour to 24/7 community coverage

Neighborhood Sweeps

Regular vehicle patrols monitor for threats or unusual behavior

Community Surveillance

Remote surveillance camera monitoring from our 24/7 Security Operation Center (SOC)

Threat Response

Fast threat identification and response from our armed and unarmed agents

Access Control

Secure access for your community - know who’s coming in

Parking Enforcement

Removal of illegally parked vehicles

Additional Services for
Property Owners

Property Sweeps

Exterior sweeps for damage or suspicious activity; nighttime home entry security checks

Remote Home Monitoring

24/7 surveillance and fire and burglar alarm monitoring and coordination of law enforcement response

Vacation Monitoring

Package pickup, monitoring and housesitting of unoccupied homes

Nighttime Escorts

Jog or walk your dog with peace of mind

Vendor Escorts

Escort vendors and contractors to residence

Event Protection

Added security for large at-home events

Personal Safety

Active location tracking of loved ones using GPS, direct line to our security operations center, and rapid emergency response
Entrance to gated community being protected by elite community protection services

Protecting Neighborhoods
from Growing Crime Threats

High value neighborhoods in the Bay Area are increasingly targeted by criminals. JPT Security works with gated and non-gated communities to protect against these common threats:

Follow-home burglaries. Would-be criminals identify targets based on their clothing, jewelry, shopping habits, or vehicle. After tailing the target home, they pull off their robbery.

Mailbox theft. One of the more frustrating crimes that is hard to detect is mailbox theft where perpetrators steal checks, bank information, and credit cards, resulting in costly identity theft.

Contractor access. One of the biggest perpetrators of crime in high value neighborhoods stems from contractors with access. Acting as lookouts or perpetrators, these non-residents take advantage of their access and presumed trustworthiness.

Why Choose
JPT Security

While the police focus on the community at large, JPT Security’s community protection focuses on you.

Your own personal police force. Feel safe knowing our agents are dedicated to your community and provide faster response times than the police.

Proactive technology. Our 24/7 video surveillance technology will ID potential threats based on facial recognition, vehicle license plates, and the subject’s pattern of behavior.

Amazing response times. Much faster than the police, our on-site agents will identify and respond to most threats before you’re even aware of them.

First aid services. Our agents are trained to deliver basic first aid when emergencies arise.

Custom solutions. Ask about our private protection and escort services for homeowners.

Four elite community protection agents standing together wearing dark uniforms and sunglasses
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