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Discreet, Elite Security So That You Can Go About Your Business

Executive Protection Services

We Keep Executives
Safe & Productive

Your success may be placing you and your loved ones at risk.

JPT Security provides elite covert and overt executive protection in the Bay Area for high net worth and high profile individuals to and from work, during travel, at events, and in the home.

Our Agents

Our armed executive protection agents are highly experienced, fully vetted, and operate on a strict code of conduct requiring discretion

Armored Vehicles

Our fleet includes luxury armored vehicles providing secure transportation services for your added safety and comfort

Threat Detection

Our intelligence services leverage the latest technology to identify and track threats through our 24/7 Security Operations Center

Travel Risk Planning

We'll assess your travel risk, create threat mitigation and contingency plans, and provide protection while you travel
Elite agent providing executive protection for female C-level as she enters office building

Growing Threats
We Protect Against

High-net-worth executives are navigating an increasingly dangerous environment. Common threats include:

Physical attacks. Highly visible executives are increasingly threatened by assault and even assassination attempts by disgruntled employees, hostile terminations, competitors, extremists, and those with personal grievances against a corporation.

Kidnapping and ransom. Executives and their families are increasingly at risk in high wealth, high crime areas. Perpetrators demand large cash extortions or leverage over the corporation.

Corporate espionage. Executives are targeted by infiltrators from competitors and foreign entities who will stop at nothing to gain the upper hand.

Civil unrest. Rioting and unruly demonstrators at places of business and homes can create very unpredictable and threatening environments.

Why Choose
JPT Security

We’re discreet. You focus on your day, we’ll blend in and focus on keeping you safe.

We’re built for this. Our sophisticated use of technology gives us an edge in protecting high profile executives against known threats and those we’ll identify.

We only hire the best. Our guards are fully vetted and of the highest caliber, skilled in efficient threat prevention, detection, and removal.

Corporate city skyline from the ground looking up at tall buildings
Our Focus

Protecting You and Your Business
with Integrity

Contact Us

Request Your Executive
Threat Asessment

Contact us today for a personalized executive threat assessment and to see how JPT Security can help protect your high value executive team members.